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Welcome to, an online effort in support of the development of an art gallery spanning the entire length of the New York State Erie Canal.

"The art world and its history are replete with ordinary folk doing extraordinary things in sharp contrast to the prevailing myth that only the extraordinary can do the extraordinary."

Clyde-Savannah Students working on new mural for the "Mural Mania" trail. Dedication in June of 2011

New mural for Clyde, N.Y. Dedicated to the first women Mayor in the United States.

Mural Mania is heading to the Global Mural Conferernce in Colquitt, Georgia. To make a presentation on Mural Mania and the 75 miles of mural along the Erie Canal.

Coming soon!! The Native American Mural Trail, Undergroud Railroad Mural Trail and the Seaway Mural Trail.

Sodus Point Joins the Seaway Mural Trail and Native American mural trail.

Sodus Point Mural Dedication Part 1
Sodus Point Native American Mural Dedication Part 2
Sodus Point Native American Mural Dedication Part 3
Sodus Point Mural Dedication Part 4
Sodus Point Mural Dediecation Part 5
Sodus Point Native American Mural Dedication part 6

Please look around our website to get an idea of what some good people are trying to accomplish!

Now we have 75 miles of murals with new murals coming soon to Geneva, Greece, Clyde, Savannah, Williamson, Brockport, Holly Macedon and Syacuse. We now have the longest mural trail in the world.

Brockport façade features Erie Canal

Greece NY joins Mural Mania

Team of artists bring history to life with Upstate Erie Canal murals

Mural Mania winner of the 2010 Erie Canalway Heritage Award of Excellence (Honorable Mention) for the Historical Murals of Lyons

Brush Stokes of Life

Scenic Travel Route films Mural Mania

Mural Mania is Nominee for Erie Canalway Heritage Award

Would you like to help us paint? Call 315-573-8170 for information. You can help New York State become the "State of Art! "

The Village of Brockport joins Mural Mania

Look at the image below. since its founding in 2007 Herons Bend Productions has come a long way in celebrating the history and heritage of the towns and villages along the Erie Canal. We are honored to have Richard and Henry Kron create this mural inspired by Peter Spier's children's classic Erie Canal. This limited edition book was published by Herons Bend Productions after nearly a decade out of print. Before this limited edition again goes out of print, it is hoped that every child in New York State will have a copy of this book. This mural also continues the dream of Muralmania  (muralmania.orgto have historical murals painted in every town and village along the Erie Canal.
Join us in watching as this mural progresses.

Macedon, N.Y Mural

Macedon Mural Dedication part 1 "They Walked Before Us"

Macedon Mural Dedication Part 2 "They Walked Before Us"

Macedon Mural Dedication Part 3"They Walked Before Us"

Macedon Mural Dedication Part 4 "They Walked Before Us"

Macedon Mural Dedication Part 5 "They Walked Before Us"

Canalway Heritge Award of Excellence for Mural Mania

Seneic Travel Network films Mural Mania

Newest mural for Lyons, N.Y. Canal Town. This mural was painted with all volunteers.

Coming soon the Lake Ontario Seaway Trail

Sodus Point Coal Trestle Mural- Artist James Zeger

This is just part of the mural that will be dedicated in Savannah on June 5th as part of National Trails Days. The Savannah mural will be the completion of 70 miles of murals.

H.G. Hotchkiss Peppermint Mural 2009

Noel Dobbins-April 21, 2007
This is just the beginning of Mural Mania, it is going to catch on and our town is going to be nationally recognized soon.”

Bruce Decker
“We are coming down the canal from Syracuse to Buffalo.  We are in beautiful Lyons at the Peppermint House.  We are amazed at this beautiful mural just getting done.”

R-News- “The Erie Canal has grown more colorful thanks to the vision of some local residents.”

Wendy Mills-R-News “This is an art gallery along the Erie Canal in Lyons, N.Y... Every time we drive into Lyons there is something new to look at.”

Biker on the Erie Canal Trek
“I think your murals are fascinating.  I think your town looks beautiful.”

WXXI- PBS Rochester
“History is an endless story that has been told in many ways.  From oil traditions to written text and print.  But through all its forms it rarely has been told more vividly then through art.  In Lyons, N.Y. the members of Mural Mania understand this power.  They decided to revitalize the town and tell its history.”

Boaters from Maryland and Florida Memorial Day weekend 2007
“This is truly a national treasure and everyone needs to learn about this.  We just happened to pick up a copy of the Canal Times.  It had an article about the mural you are putting up and we just had to see it.   Seeing it in really life is amazing.  I think you have something special here and it really needs to be published.”

My name is Joe Petitti, from North Carolina.  “We are biking along the Erie Canal trail and the most fascinating thing we have seen are the murals along the way in each town.”

Dawn Jordan-Artist
“I think there is a new renaissance of art happening in our region.  We have this great wealth of history in central, N.Y. on the Erie Canal.”

If we paint it they will come!!

Yes history does come alive on four walls of the East avenue bridge in Newark.  If you haven't had a chance to see this master piece of art you should stop down in the Port of Newark and see it.  Just recently added are roses to honor Newark's  heritage.  In addition a black Civil War soldier and Red Jacket has been added. This mural is being painted by artist Corky Goss and Chip Miller.  They have also started a mural on the Community Center which is a few blocks the from Erie Canal.

In Lyons NY Dawn Jordan just finished a beauty mural of the Peppermint Industry that will show how Peppermint was harvested, distilled. bottled and shipped on the Erie Canal.  Also in Lyons Maria Hoover has started painting a mural a 1936 Firetruck parked in a garage.

Clyde will unveil a 32 long mural of when Lincoln stopped on a train in Clyde in February of 1861.  This mural was painted by Bob Gillespie of Penn Yan.  In late August a mural of an old hardware will also be hung by Artist Stacey Kirby.

Old Hardware Clyde- Artist Stacie Kirby (2009)

History of the Grange Clyde - Bob Gillespie (2009)

1936 Firetruck Lyons (2009) Artist Maria Hoover

In Syracuse Corky Goss and Chip Miller are painting a mural of 4 stories high of Clinton Square in the moonlight on the old Erie Canal.  This mural is so large that you will be able to view it from St. Joe's Hospital and 690.

Mark DeCracker
Mural Mania

National Kudos For Mural Mania

See the 50 miles of Murals

Mural Mania Brochure

Erie Canalway

Soon Mural Mania will have 50 miles of murals along the Erie Canal the longest mural trail in the world. New murals coming to the villages of Jordan, Savannah, Clyde, Lyons and Newark in the summer of 2008. Follow the progress of these new murals through Mural Mania.

Geneva Coming in 2010

The City of Greece to Join Mural Mania in 2010

The Murals of 2008

Newark Mural in Winter

New Mural in Lyons- Knowledge, Beauty and Wisdom

Jordan mural -Dawn Jordan

The New Mural in Jordan painted by Dawn Jordan

Clyde Joins Mural Mania- Art in Public Places (Corky and Chip)

Camillus- Artist Dawn Jordan

The Jackson School circa 1900 -Artist James Zeger Location Peppermint Cottage

Mural Mania Videos

Erie Carnalway Heritage Award of Excellence Part 1

Erie Canalway Heritage Award of Excellence part 2

Savannah Mural Dedicaton June 5th 2010

Savannah Mural Dedicattion Part 1

Savannah Mural Dedication Part 2

Savannah Mural Dedication Part 3

Savnnah Mural Dedication Part 4

Dawn Jordan Mural Arist 2007

Mural Mania on News 3

Mural Mania is on R-News

Noel Dobbins Dedicates G. Winston Dobbins Park (Part 1)

Noel Dobbins Dedicates G. Winston Dobbins Park Part 2

Low Bridge and God Bless America (Lyons Elementary School)

Noel Dobbins inducted into the Lyons Hall of Fame

"Step Back in Time" Lyons Mural Dedication Corky Goss

"Step Back in Time" Lyons Mural Dedicaton Mayor Corrine Kleisle of Lyons N.Y

Mural Mania through Noel Dobbins eyes

Mural Mania on Homework Hotline

Mural Mania is Food for Thought

The Street of Dreams

"If We Paint They Will Come"


The Murals

Canal Town

Located in South Side Park on the Erie Canal, behind Santelli Lumber Co., it was painted in 1990 by Andy Miller, sponsored by E.R.I.E. (Erie Restoration Interests Everyone.) This Three paneled mural shows the first settlers in Lyons, the Town Clock and the Aqueduct removed in 1969.

Winston's Dream

Mounted on the old trolley bed abutment in the newly dedicated G. Winston Dobbins Memorial Park, at Lock 27, this duplicates a scene from an actual post card from 1910.  It’s complete with packet boat, mules, hogies, a trolley, and the famous Hotchkiss Peppermint building.  The mural was created by James Zeger.


Through the generosity of Sean Dobbins, the drug store façade   was transformed by professional muralists Corky Goss and Chip Miller in July 10 2007.  The exquisite detail and perspective is a tribute to Bill and Winston Dobbins.   New interest in the Historical Downtown District of Lyons has blossomed as a result of this beautiful project.

Generations of Smiles

Inspired by Corky and Chip’s work, local dentist Randy Mitchell commissioned them to convert the brick wall of his office into another outstanding historical piece.  This montage honors Dr. Art Santelli, a pillar of the Lyons medical community, and founder of Randy’s present practice

Street of Dreams

This talented young artist  James Zeger has completed his second mural in less than a year.  His goal was to depict downtown Lyons, specifically William Street, circa 1910.   Having no set design in mind, he studied a variety of historical media.  His sources included collections of original postcards, books about Lyons, and the photo bank of the Lyons Civic Club.

Local Artists

The Mural Mania Project has been made possible by local artists, amateur and professional. Notable talents involved in Mural Mania thus far have included Corky Goss , Chip Miller, and James Zeger.

James Zeger

Corky Goss and Chip Miller
"Art in Public Places"

Dawn Jordan painting in Weedsport Summer 2007

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