Mural Projects

Mural Mania is spreading. As communities catch 'the Mania' and volunteers step forth to preserve local history, new mural projects arise. Below is a photo and description of each.

Winston's Dream

Street of Dreams

This talented young artist  James Zeger has completed his second mural in less than a year.  His goal was to depict downtown Lyons, specifically William Street, circa 1910.   Having no set design in mind, he studied a variety of historical media.  His sources included collections of original postcards, books about Lyons, and the photo bank of the Lyons Civic Club.  
The inclusion of the trolley, horse and buggy, and early automobile subtly reminds us that this was a very important time in history; the world was becoming modern, but the old way of life still was present.   The people in this "tapestry" represent real citizens,  who paved the way for Lyons to be the County Seat as well as the center of activity of Wayne County.   Amazingly, the art appreciator gets a two for one; in order to look upon the scene from 1910, one must view the very same street, exactly as it is in real time.   The comparison provides a memorable history lesson. 


The former plain façade of Dobbins Drug Store and The Olde Pharmacy Gift Shop is now Generations .  Impressed by Corky and Chips' unique artistic techniques and abilities, pharmacist Sean Dobbins commissioned them to create a permanent tribute to his heritage.   The viewer looks through a 3-D "window" into an old fashioned apothecary starring his grandfather, founder Bill Dobbins, his father, G Winston Dobbins, who continued the family tradition, and Sean himself, as a child, now a third generation Dobbins' pharmacist.  

Generations of Smiles

Dr. Randy Mitchell, an intense local history supporter, was impressed by the work that artists Corky Goss and Chip Miller were completing across the street, so he commissioned them to transform the alley-way wall of his dental office.   As expected from these inspiring muralists, the resulting art renders the viewer awestruck.  Named Generations of Smiles , paint records the heritage of dentistry in Lyons, especially memorializing Dr. Arthur Santelli, well-respected dentist and local resident who first practiced on that site.  Dr. Santelli himself presides over the old-fashioned dental chair.   The creativity of the painters illustrates how dentistry has changed over the years.

50 miles of mural on the Erie Canal
Mural Mania will continues efforts of Lyons and other neighboring Erie Canal communities to become the longest mural trail in the world.  Localities already participating along this mural trail include the towns of Jordan, Weedsport, Port Byron, Clyde (summer of 2008), Lyons, Newark (summer of 2008) and Palmyra.  Our goal at Mural Mania is to have 50 miles of murals, and 50 murals within those 50 miles, by the year 2010. Through murals we are celebrating the past while simultaneously making way for a better future. By painting murals we are giving people a little spark of pride, and improving our downtowns which will enhance tourism experiences.



Port Byron-2005

Coming in 2009

Coming in May of 2008

Lyons-See above
2008 Canal Street
HG. Hotchkiss Mural

Coming in summer of 2008



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